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Books We Recommend

Bob Ruegg & Arnold Hague, Convoys to Russia: Allied Convoys and Naval Surface Operations in Arctic Waters, 1941-45 (World Ship Society, 1992)

Richard Woodman, Arctic Convoys 1941-1945 (Pen & Sword Military, 2007)

Leona Thomas, Through Ice & Fire: A Russian Arctic Convoy Diary 1942 (Fonthill Media, 2015)

Steve Chadwick, Loch Ewe During WWII (Wilderness Guides, 2014)

Michael Wadsworth, Arctic Convoy PQ8 - The Story of Capt Robert Brundle and the SS Harmatris (Pen & Sword Maritime, 2009)

Ivan Hall, Christmas in Archangel - A Memoir of Life in the Merchant Navy 1939-1946 (Trafford Publishing, 2009)

Russian Arctic Convoy Museum, Commemorative Brochure: Russian Arctic Convoy Veterans Reunion (2014)

Arnold Melhuish, Commodore Robin Aveline Melhuish (Wordworks Ltd, 2013)

Vice Admiral Sir John Hayes, Face The Music - A Sailor's Story (The Pentland Press, 1993)

Ted Hancox, From Matelot to Miner (Personal Heritage Publications, 2015)

Bernard Pearson, Steaming Light - A Memoir of Commander John C. Pearson OBE, RN (William P. Cross, Book Midden Publishing, 2012)

Steve Chadwick, The Wreck of the SS William H. Welch (Wilderness Guides, 2012)