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Our WWII NAAFI Van, "Bertie" is in desperate need of a trailer.

Bertie is one of our most popular exhibits. He is the only known Austin 8 NAAFI Van in existence and as such is one of a kind and very special. He is a fantastic ambassador for our museum, as he is able to transport collection items to different loacations, making him effectively a travelling exhibit. Bertie is so much more though, as is clear from the smiles on people's faces when they see him. He is over 80 years old and has a maximum speed of 35 mph, but he's still determined to get from place to place, delivering rock buns to care homes and teaching school children about life on the home front.

Bertie at a care home

Understandably Bertie receives requests for appearances all over the UK. Last year his presence was requested at the Austin 8 @ 80 anniversary celebrations in Longbridge. He also travelled to Edinburgh to fulfill a very important role as a wedding car. None of that would have been possible if it hadn't been for local people willing to lend a trailer and help transport him. As long as he doesn't have a trailer of his own he is unable to fulfill all the requests he would like to. His old mechanical parts can't handle too much strain, and his cloth roof is vulnerable to bad weather, which is a shame because he really would love to attend events more often.

Bertie as a wedding car

A new trailer and waterproof cover would make all this possible, and would mean that this unique little NAAFI Van could reach a wider audience and be enjoyed in person much more frequently.

If you would like to help us purchase a shiny new trailer for Bertie then there are a number of ways to do it:

1) Follow the link below and make a pledge. Many of our pledges offer rewards, including the chance to go for a ride in Bertie!

2) Follow the link below to the campaign page and like and share the campaign. Every time someone either pledges, likes, or shares the campaign, Bertie receives some points. At the end of the funding period, whichever crowdfunding campaign has the most points will receive extra funding from the Calor Rural Community Fund. So if Bertie's campaign gets many backers, he may receive extra funding on top of his target. This means you don't have to pledge to make a difference. You can also like and share the project page.

3) Please have a think about your immediate circle of friends and family. Is there anyone who would be excited about helping Bertie? Maybe a vintage car enthusiast, or someone who enjoys re-enactment? If so, please help us spread the word. We want as many people as possible to know about Bertie and to have the chance to help him.