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Convoys Remembered

Photo of Dennis Abbott

Dennis Abbott

Photo of Robert Joseph Ackerman

Robert Joseph Ackerman

Photo of Robert Adams

Robert Adams

Photo of Forbes Jamison Aitken

Forbes Jamison Aitken

Photo of Bob Allan

Bob Allan

Photo of John William Allen

John William Allen

Photo of James Crombie Anderson

James Crombie Anderson

Photo of Alfred Banks

Alfred Banks

Photo of Bill Bannerman

Bill Bannerman

Photo of James Barella

James Barella

Photo of Vic Bashford

Vic Bashford

Photo of Jimmy Baynes

Jimmy Baynes

Photo of Frank William Bealey

Frank William Bealey

Photo of Harry Beedle

Harry Beedle

Photo of Vivian Benjamin

Vivian Benjamin

Photo of John Arthur Bennett

John Arthur Bennett

Photo of Laurence Walter Biggs

Laurence Walter Biggs

Photo of Alistair Black

Alistair Black

Photo of Frederick Ernest Blunden

Frederick Ernest Blunden

Photo of John Boardman

John Boardman

Photo of John Boothroyd

John Boothroyd

Photo of Frank Boyle

Frank Boyle

Photo of Clarence Edward Brenchley

Clarence Edward Brenchley

Photo of Robert Brighton

Robert Brighton

Photo of James Brown

James Brown

Photo of Peter Thomas Brown

Peter Thomas Brown

Photo of Dick Burbine

Dick Burbine

Photo of Tom Burke

Tom Burke

Photo of Gregory Conway Burt

Gregory Conway Burt

Photo of Spud Campbell

Spud Campbell

Photo of Arthur Capon

Arthur Capon

Photo of Bill Carson

Bill Carson

Photo of Richard Carson

Richard Carson

Photo of R. M. E. Carter

R. M. E. Carter

Photo of Frederick Cheasley

Frederick Cheasley

Photo of Colin Terrence Christensen

Colin Terrence Christensen

Photo of Duncan McFarlane Christison

Duncan McFarlane Christison

Photo of Reay Clarke

Reay Clarke

Photo of Christopher Clements

Christopher Clements

Photo of Cyril Jesse Clifford

Cyril Jesse Clifford

Photo of John Clifford

John Clifford

Photo of Leslie Collins

Leslie Collins

Photo of Charles Thomas Collis

Charles Thomas Collis

Photo of Terence Newey Commins

Terence Newey Commins

Photo of William Charles Constable

William Charles Constable

Photo of Ronald Cooley

Ronald Cooley

Photo of Bob Cowan

Bob Cowan

Photo of W Coxhead

W Coxhead

Photo of David Craig

David Craig

Photo of Eric Craig

Eric Craig

Photo of John Crist

John Crist

Photo of Roland Cundall

Roland Cundall

Photo of Alan Davies

Alan Davies

Photo of Lenny Davies

Lenny Davies

Photo of Rodney James Davies

Rodney James Davies

Photo of Jock Dempster

Jock Dempster

Photo of Leonard Dibb-Western

Leonard Dibb-Western

Photo of Thomas Doneghan

Thomas Doneghan

Photo of Terence Donovan

Terence Donovan

Photo of George Dunmore

George Dunmore

Photo of Owen Durkin

Owen Durkin

Photo of Roy Dykes

Roy Dykes

Photo of Leslie Eckert

Leslie Eckert

Photo of Roy Elwood

Roy Elwood

Photo of Bill Evans

Bill Evans

Photo of Stormy Fairweather

Stormy Fairweather

Photo of Ernest Farr

Ernest Farr

Photo of Edward Farrance

Edward Farrance

Photo of John Farrow

John Farrow

Photo of Richard Fearnside

Richard Fearnside

Photo of Enos Fellows

Enos Fellows

Photo of William Fitzpatrick

William Fitzpatrick

Photo of Thomas Ford

Thomas Ford

Photo of Henry Robert Fox

Henry Robert Fox

Photo of Thomas Gadsby

Thomas Gadsby

Photo of William Gaff

William Gaff

Photo of Harold Geach

Harold Geach

Photo of Bert Glazebrook

Bert Glazebrook

Photo of Bill Gordon

Bill Gordon

Photo of Alex Gray

Alex Gray

Photo of George Gray

George Gray

Photo of George Graydon

George Graydon

Photo of Gordon Grayson

Gordon Grayson

Photo of Harold Green

Harold Green

Photo of Kenneth Greenwell

Kenneth Greenwell

Photo of William Grier

William Grier

Photo of Herbert Edward Guildford

Herbert Edward Guildford

Photo of Murray Haddow

Murray Haddow

Photo of Ivan Hall

Ivan Hall

Photo of Jack Harrison

Jack Harrison

Photo of Philip J Harrison

Philip J Harrison

Photo of Glanville Hart

Glanville Hart

Photo of John Hart

John Hart

Photo of William Joseph Hartley

William Joseph Hartley

Photo of Arthur Harvey

Arthur Harvey

Photo of Frederick Hawkins

Frederick Hawkins

Photo of Frederick James Hawkins

Frederick James Hawkins

Photo of Samuel Reginald Hicks

Samuel Reginald Hicks

Photo of Ian Highet

Ian Highet

Photo of George Hill

George Hill

Photo of Ernest Hodkinson

Ernest Hodkinson

Photo of George Edward Hollingworth

George Edward Hollingworth

Photo of Geoff Holmes

Geoff Holmes

Photo of Clifford John Hosford

Clifford John Hosford

Photo of Edward Peter Hughes

Edward Peter Hughes

Photo of John Cynwyn Hughes

John Cynwyn Hughes

Photo of Jack Humble

Jack Humble

Photo of Ronald Hunt

Ronald Hunt

Photo of J. T. Jackson

J. T. Jackson

Photo of Eric Percy Jardine

Eric Percy Jardine

Photo of George Frederick Farley Jasper

George Frederick Farley Jasper

Photo of Leonard Jenner

Leonard Jenner

Photo of Bill Jerstice

Bill Jerstice

Photo of Frederick Robert Johnson

Frederick Robert Johnson

Photo of George Brian White Johnson

George Brian White Johnson

Photo of Douglas Johnston

Douglas Johnston

Photo of Derek Gwyther Jones

Derek Gwyther Jones

Photo of Goronwy Owen Jones

Goronwy Owen Jones

Photo of Percy Jones

Percy Jones

Photo of Ernest Alec Kellaway

Ernest Alec Kellaway

Photo of Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

Photo of David Kennedy

David Kennedy

Photo of Charles Edward Kennerley

Charles Edward Kennerley

Photo of Sidney Arthur Kerslake

Sidney Arthur Kerslake

Photo of Gordon Kilner

Gordon Kilner

Photo of David Kinloch

David Kinloch

Photo of James Kirk

James Kirk

Photo of George Langton

George Langton

Photo of Wilfred L Laurie

Wilfred L Laurie

Photo of Edwin Leadbetter

Edwin Leadbetter

Photo of Francis Lee

Francis Lee

Photo of Allan Leigh

Allan Leigh

Photo of George Leonard

George Leonard

Photo of Ron Leslie

Ron Leslie

Photo of Cecil William Llewellyn

Cecil William Llewellyn

Photo of Gordon Long

Gordon Long

Photo of Morris Lord

Morris Lord

Photo of Maurice G. Low

Maurice G. Low

Photo of Alan Loxley

Alan Loxley

Photo of Donald John Macdermid

Donald John Macdermid

Photo of Murdo Macdonald

Murdo Macdonald

Photo of Donald MacFarlane

Donald MacFarlane

Photo of Harold Mason

Harold Mason

Photo of Basil McGuinness

Basil McGuinness

Photo of James McGuire

James McGuire

Photo of Wilson Mchenry

Wilson Mchenry

Photo of Jimmy McHugh

Jimmy McHugh

Photo of Stanley McKessock

Stanley McKessock

Photo of John Thomas Meldrum

John Thomas Meldrum

Photo of Iain Mitchell

Iain Mitchell

Photo of William George Mitchell

William George Mitchell

Photo of Leonard Morrison Mobbs

Leonard Morrison Mobbs

Photo of Frank Moran

Frank Moran

Photo of Ernest Morris

Ernest Morris

Photo of Cyril Moss

Cyril Moss

Photo of Wilfred Mountford

Wilfred Mountford

Photo of Robert Muirhead

Robert Muirhead

Photo of Ron Myers

Ron Myers

Photo of Garrett Plunkett Nally

Garrett Plunkett Nally

Photo of Richard Nossiter

Richard Nossiter

Photo of Robin A. C. Owen

Robin A. C. Owen

Photo of Sydney Parcell

Sydney Parcell

Photo of James R. Pardoe

James R. Pardoe

Photo of Frederick Pearce

Frederick Pearce

Photo of William Peile

William Peile

Photo of Richard Keith Pexton

Richard Keith Pexton

Photo of Jules Pierre

Jules Pierre

Photo of Eric Arnold Pountney

Eric Arnold Pountney

Photo of Thomas Power

Thomas Power

Photo of Jack Press

Jack Press

Photo of Joseph Edward Proctor

Joseph Edward Proctor

Photo of Alexander Prosser

Alexander Prosser

Photo of John Michael Rainey

John Michael Rainey

Photo of James Ramsay

James Ramsay

Photo of Robert Ramsay

Robert Ramsay

Photo of Thomas John Ramsey

Thomas John Ramsey

Photo of John Edwin Rawlinson

John Edwin Rawlinson

Photo of Arthur Albert Reed

Arthur Albert Reed

Photo of Geoff Rees

Geoff Rees

Photo of James Layton Reid

James Layton Reid

Photo of Kenneth Reith

Kenneth Reith

Photo of Wilfred Percy Rennardson

Wilfred Percy Rennardson

Photo of Frederick Arthur Reynolds

Frederick Arthur Reynolds

Photo of James Rice

James Rice

Photo of William George Riggs

William George Riggs

Photo of Capt. W. D. Roach

Capt. W. D. Roach

Photo of Ken Roach

Ken Roach

Photo of Evan Roberts

Evan Roberts

Photo of Herbert Sydney Roberts

Herbert Sydney Roberts

Photo of Leslie Roberts

Leslie Roberts

Photo of George Robinson

George Robinson

Photo of Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson

Photo of Ned Ruffle

Ned Ruffle

Photo of David Russell

David Russell

Photo of Stanley H. Sainsbury

Stanley H. Sainsbury

Photo of Mervyn Salter

Mervyn Salter

Photo of Denis Sarjeant

Denis Sarjeant

Photo of Harry Sawkill

Harry Sawkill

Photo of Bob Selley

Bob Selley

Photo of Raymond Stanley Sheerman-Chase

Raymond Stanley Sheerman-Chase

Photo of Ernest Sidders

Ernest Sidders

Photo of James Simpson

James Simpson

Photo of John C. Harding Simpson

John C. Harding Simpson

Photo of John Charles Skelland

John Charles Skelland

Photo of Albert James Slater

Albert James Slater

Photo of Jack Anderson Sleigh

Jack Anderson Sleigh

Photo of William Snape

William Snape

Photo of Herbert Soper

Herbert Soper

Photo of Denis Anthony Spillane

Denis Anthony Spillane

Photo of Stanley John Stanistreet

Stanley John Stanistreet

Photo of Douglas Stewart

Douglas Stewart

Photo of Cecil Roy Stott

Cecil Roy Stott

Photo of Laurence Strong

Laurence Strong

Photo of Peter Irving Stuart

Peter Irving Stuart

Photo of Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth Taylor

Photo of Leonard H. Thomas

Leonard H. Thomas

Photo of Edward Thompson

Edward Thompson

Photo of Sid Tiffin

Sid Tiffin

Photo of Kenneth Tipper

Kenneth Tipper

Photo of Ian Tolhurst

Ian Tolhurst

Photo of Wilf Townsend

Wilf Townsend

Photo of Andrew Tully

Andrew Tully

Photo of John Turvill

John Turvill

Photo of Albert Edward Wait

Albert Edward Wait

Photo of John William Edward Walters

John William Edward Walters

Photo of Kenneth Watson

Kenneth Watson

Photo of Gordon Wigley

Gordon Wigley

Photo of Robert Wilcox

Robert Wilcox

Photo of Edmund Wiley

Edmund Wiley

Photo of james Wilkie

james Wilkie

Photo of Rex Willcox

Rex Willcox

Photo of Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams

Photo of Roy Williams

Roy Williams

Photo of Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson

Photo of Harry Wilson

Harry Wilson

Photo of Horace Reginald Wilson

Horace Reginald Wilson

Photo of Freddie Wood

Freddie Wood

Photo of Reginald Edgar Woodriffe

Reginald Edgar Woodriffe

Photo of Stanley Woodruff

Stanley Woodruff

Photo of William Workman

William Workman

Photo of Edward Wylie

Edward Wylie

Photo of George Eric Young

George Eric Young