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Robert Hendry


Information provided by Alan Hendry (son)

Bob’s war service.
Called up 2nd June 1942 – 20th birthday
Service Number: PJX330391
Training at HMS Collingwood – Fareham
September 1942 joined HMS Rhododendron K78 @ Falmouth
KMS1G – October -Clyde to Algiers
Operation Torch – Invasion North Africa 8th-16th November 1942
MKS2A – November Algiers to Liverpool
JW51B – 22nd December from Loch Ewe – Arriving Kola inlet 3/4th January
The destroyer escorts engaged by Admiral Hipper – Operation Regenbogen 1943
RA52 – 29th January from Kola inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 8/9th February
Nameless2 – April Milford Haven to Gibraltar [XK004?]
Operation Husky – Invasion of Sicily – July / August

Sailed from the Clyde KMS18B
At some point collided with a landing craft.
Repaired in Gibraltar prior to the invasion.
Sailed to Alexandria via Malta
GTX04 – July
KMS22 – August Gibraltar to Port Said
MKS23 – August Alexandria to Gibraltar
KMS28 – October Gibraltar to Port Said
JW54B – 22nd November from Loch Ewe – Arriving Archangel. Uneventful convoy
RA55B – 31st December from Kola inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 8th January 1944

JW56B – 22nd January from Loch Ewe – Arrived Kola inlet 1st February
RA56 – 3rd February from Kola inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 11th February [or to Scapa Flow]

JW57 – 20th February from Loch Ewe – Arriving the Kola inlet 28th February
RA57 – 2nd March from Kola Inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 10th March
JW58 – 27th March from Loch Ewe – Arriving Kola inlet
RA58 – 7th April from Kola inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 14th April
D Day – June 1944
Sailed from Milford Haven with a convoy [D Day +2?]
5 convoys in all during June & July – EBC 13,27,35,44 & 53 [Barry to Seine Bay]
JW 61 – 20th October Loch Ewe – Arriving Kola inlet 28th October
RA61 – 2nd November from Kola inlet – Arriving Loch Ewe 9th November
ONS037 – November
OS098KM – December
MKS70G – December Gibraltar to Liverpool

JW64 – 3rd February from the Clyde – Arriving the Kola Inlet 15th February
RA64 – 17th February from Kola inlet – Arrived?
This was the convoy when HMS Bluebell was lost
Hurricane force winds & the convoy was scattered twice
KMF41 – March – Clyde to Gibraltar
OS117KM – March
MKS89G – March Gibraltar to Liverpool
JW66 – 16th April from the Clyde – Arrived Kola inlet 25th April
RA66 – 29th April from Kola inlet – Arriving in the Clyde 8th May – VE Day
The ship was then paid o .
The ships company was sent to barracks in Portsmouth.
Served as a guide on HMS Victory
Was part of an honour guard on Gold Beach of the 1st anniversary of D Day.
Transport on a US Destroyer he nearly missed the return journey.
Transferred to HMS Wagtail – Ayr from where he was demobbed.

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