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Rowland Thomas Purcell

Rowland Purcell

Information provided by Ray Purcell (son)

Born 16th June 1921.

Died 6th November 1963.

Army number: 1610002

Regiment Royal Artillery

D.E.M.S Gunner


B.A.O.R 1945-1947


War Service

Vessel Number 8 – Artigas

Rowland joined this vessel at Aultbea on 21st February 1942. The Artigas sailed to Reykjavik in Iceland to join convoy PQ12 sailing to Murmansk in Russia on 1st March 1942. It arrived on 12th March.

The return convoy, QP10 left the Kola Inlet on 10th April 1942 destined for Reykjavik. The convoy was attacked for three days by enemy aircraft and u-boats and the following vessels were sunk:

Empire Cowper, sunk by aircraft on 11th April 1942; Harpalion, sunk by aircraft the same day, El Occidente and Kiev both sunk by U435 on 13th April 1942.

QP10 arrived in Reykjavik on 21st April 1942. The Artigas then joined Atlantic convoy ON91.


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