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Frequently Asked Questions

The Arctic Star is available to all members of the British Armed Forces and Merchant Navy for any length of service north of the Arctic Circle from September 3rd 1939 to May 8th 1945, inclusive. The next of kin of deceased veterans may apply on their behalf.

First, check the eligibility criteria at the following link: Eligibility Criteria

Second, download an application form here: Application Form

You will need to provide details of service in Arctic regions (e.g. ships, locations, squadrons, dates). Supporting documents will also be required (e.g. copies of Official Records of Service or an aircrew log book).

If you are applying on behalf of a deceased veteran, you will need to complete a Certificate of Kinship Form, which is available at the link above.

Send completed applications to: MoD Medal Office, Room G36, Innsworth House, Imjin Barracks, Gloucester, GL3 1HW.

To obtain the service records of deceased veterans you need to contact the MoD. You will need to provide a death certificate (except where death was in service).

All applicants:

Download the “Request for Service Personnel Details Next of Kin Form (v6)” here:

Requests for Data and Information


For Royal Navy veterans:
Download the “Request for Service Personnel Details: Royal Navy/Royal Marines part 2” (available at the same link).
Send both completed forms to:
RN Disclosure Cell, Room 48, West Battery, Whale Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8DX.

For RAF veterans:
Download the “Request for Service Personnel Details: Royal Air Force part 2” (available at the same link).
Send both completed forms to:
RAF 3rd Party Disclosure Team, Room 14, Trenchard Hall, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford, LINCS, NG34 8HB.

For more information, consult the following link:
RN Research

If you require the service records of a Merchant Navy veteran, please consult the following link:
National Archives

The Merchant Navy Association may also be able to offer assistance. Contact details are available here: Merchant Navy Association

The deadline for applications for the Ushakov medal was 13th October 2013. If you have already applied and want confirmation that you or your relative has been included in the Presidential Decree to receive the award then please call: 0207 229 36 28. For more information, please follow this link: Russian Embassy

White berets suitable for all Arctic Convoy veterans (including Royal Navy) can be purchased from the Merchant Navy Association Shop: MNA Shop

The English and Scottish branches of the Russian Convoy Club and the North Russia Club have all officially disbanded; however, the New Zealand Arctic Convoy Club is still active. You can access their website here: New Zealand Arctic Convoy Club

If you have photos, letters, clothing, posters, naval artefacts, or anything pertaining to the convoys or Loch Ewe during WWII, then we’d love to hear from you. Items can be gifted or loaned to the museum project and we will make sure that they are cared for and stored securely. You will need to complete an acquisition form, outlining the conditions upon which the item is included in our collection. Forms are available in our museum or contact via the contact page.

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