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Kenneth Wilson


Information provided by Phil Wilson (son)

Kenneth Wilson (pictured left)  was a radio Officer onboard SS Copeland from 1st July 1943 to 2nd February 1945.

He took part in convoys JW54A, JW57, JW66, RA54B, RA57, RA58, and RA66.

The following extracts are from his diary and predate his convoy service.


Red Diary, E0524/2

19 May 1941: SS Waziristan. Methil to Oban.

16: Oban in Convoy to Buenos Aires

4 June: Passed Azores. Pernambuco, 8 deg. 11′ S, 34 deg. 52′ W

3 July: Departed to B. A., Arrived 13th. Up river to Rosirio.Returned to B.A.

22: Homeward bound.

8 August: Abeam Cape St. Roque

26: Arrived off Sydney. To Brisbane.

17 September: Arrived Loch Ewe 04:15

19: Left Loch Ewe 10:30 to Methil

6 October: Signed off SS Waziristan

7: Signed on SS Empire Emerald. No further diary entries.


Black Diary, E0524/3

10 December 1941: Signed off SS Empire Emerald

30: Signed on SS Empre Sun, Glasgow.

26 january 1942: Halifax, N.S.

29: Portland, Maine

5 February: Departed

6: Torpedoed at 23:57. Took to boats. 11 crew lost, incl. Captain & 1st Radio Officer.

13 March: Departed Halifax on Empress of Canada.

22: Arrived Glasgow

17 April: Signed on SS Llandaff.

19: Left Leith for Methil.

20: Left methil for Loch Ewe, arrived 23rd.

28: Departed Loch Ewe.

11 May: Rammed a Greek ship about 23:30.

14: Passed Sydney, C.B.

15: Gulf of St Lawrence.

18: Arrived Three Rivers, discharged cargo

20: Montreal

23: Three Rivers. Departed for UK via Sydney

5 June: Departed Sydney for Loch Ewe

18: Arrived Loch Ewe 16:00. Departed 20:00 for Methil, arriving 20th

22: Departed Methil to Port of London

27: Departed London. Joined Convoy off Southend for the Tyne.

30: Signed off SS Llandaff

6 July: To South Shields to sign on SS Broompark

8: Arrived Methil. Departed 17:00 for Loch Ewe

10: Arrived Loch Ewe. 3rd Mate (fell overboard) on hospital shiprecovering

17: Left Loch Ewe

24: Torpedoed 23.12. Took to boats. No further diary entries.


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