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Convoys Remembered

Alexander MacLennan


Information and images provided by Alasdair MacLennan (grandson). Document text researched and written by Alexander’s son, D. J. MacLennan.

My grandfather served in the Arctic Convoys as a quartermaster on a minesweeper (HMS Britomart) sailing out of Loch Ewe.

My father has collated all the available information he could about this, as well as adding some personal recollections of his father & stories related to him in later years.


“My father joined HMS Britomart on 26 August ‘42. The Britomart was at that time minesweeping in North Russia !! The question must be asked – how did he manage to get to N. Russia to join the ship? I can only suggest that he got to N. Russia on an incoming convoy.

During its recent refit , the Britomart was fitted with Radar Type 271 , presumably its most recent development. The radar could detect a surfaced U-boat at 3500 yards distance, even if only its periscope was showing.

ASDlC ( British version of Sonar ) was fitted to smaller vessels to detect submerged U-boats . Britomart would have Asdic already fitted.”

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